Sweet Nymph Amaryllis 8" Teal & Silver Planter

Two premium extra large bulbs with small batch hand-mixed soil and decorative Spanish moss planted and ready to display. Sweet Nymph is a large pink double flower with multiple flowering stalks per bulb and multiple flowers per stalk. Sure to brighten any room. This 8" teal & silver garden pot with saucer is easy to care for. All you need is water and sunlight to watch your bulbs turn into a beautiful table top garden. 


Enjoy for 6-8 weeks.

Great for gifts! For local pick up and delivery.

Cannot be shipped.


Bonus! After your amaryllis bulbs are done flowering, plant them in your garden for an additional summer blooming. Instructions and water information included.

Sweet Nymph Amaryllis 8" Teal & Silver Planter